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Soccer in the rain…

I made sure to be visiting my daughter over this weekend so that I could be here for my grandson’s piano recital on Saturday.  That my granddaughter’s prom was also on Saturday was an extra added bonus I knew nothing about until I got here.  Then you have my grandson’s soccer game in the rain.  It was a must play game, so the fact that they were slogging around in the extremely wet grass, and the game went into overtime at the last possible second, made for a tough morning.  The ball was landing with a splash and just stopping, not the usual game they were used to.  And our team was supposed to be in a neighboring town for another game at noon, they would have had roughly an hour between games, but they started a little late and their game took longer than usual.  According to the parents I overheard that it was because the ref was calling non-existent fouls.  Then if they had won their noon game there would have been a final game at 4PM, but mercifully the fields were closed and those games were called before this game was over.  I watched mostly from the car since the wind was blowing the rain sideways and I couldn’t keep the camera 100% dry.  But I have to say I love this camera since it let me crop down shots that I took from a distance, zoomed all the way out. and the shots were hand-held, (photographers will know that that’s not easy and I’m giving the camera all the credit).  But once I got cold enough to be shivering I couldn’t keep the camera still and retreated back to the car.  This is my daughter’s weekend routine, but not always in the rain.  Sometimes it’s snow!  My grandson, #15, is not starring in all these pictures, some are the other team even, I just became obsessed with trying to capture the extreme conditions.  And it’s still raining today…205-12-19splishsplash05-12-19splishsplash305-12-19splishsplash405-12-19splishsplashfeature705-13-19Thomassoccer05-13-19Thomassoccer2The blurry looking picture is actually the rain.  And did I mention that after all that they lost the game?  I suppose it’s character building…

2 thoughts on “Soccer in the rain…”

  1. I enjoyed your blog even though they lost. Such a challenge for you. the photographer, and Thomas and his fellow teammates. Riley looked so beautiful. Good day to you today.

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