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Hershey Gardens…

This is the last of my Hershey adventures from a few days ago.  I got so excited over the butterflies in the atrium that I hardly noticed the flowers in the garden at Hershey.  Not that I didn’t take pictures of them, I did.  But I did them first since it wasn’t raining at that point.  I took more of them than I realized actually, but once it started raining and I went inside I have to admit that I was quite overwhelmed with the butterflies.  I love when I happen to take tons of pictures in one day and I have a day or two when I can just process the ones I already have and take it easy.  It’s especially helpful at this exact moment while I sort out my computer storage issues.  Milton Hershey did amazing things for his community, and this is just one of them.  It was lovely. 05-12-19garden05-12-19garden105-12-19garden305-12-19garden405-12-19garden505-12-19garden605-12-19garden705-12-19garden805-12-19garden905-12-19garden1005-12-19garden1105-13-19garden1105-13-19garden1205-13-19garden1305-13-19garden1405-13-19garden15The only disappointment for me was the fact that the lilacs were a tease.  Not open enough to be pretty, and, more importantly, try as I might I couldn’t smell them.  I hope I find them again in my travels…

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