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A little advice…

I have decided that it’s not a good idea to stand at the kitchen window here in my friend’s house in NH for fear that I’ll find myself heading out the door to take pictures. It was a blue jay on the bird feeder who got me out the door, and the sound of the nearby Blackwater river took care of the rest. I also found some neighbors I hadn’t met yet also. The bird feeders in the backyard were visited by a bear a few nights ago. Now that would have been a photo op…60984D68-C2A7-4184-AADF-82C74A5D070061DD5B14-DA9F-4739-8F19-03D1814E5ADDEB6801FC-8B88-472B-9130-4E42EE02C4A4ADF2FA81-C579-4CB6-901A-AE42EB9CB80C

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