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Take a lesson…

Off I went on my own yesterday.  My destination was a covered bridge, found after a web search.  Did I check the map along with the GPS route?  No, and that’s the lesson.  I had options showing on the GPS, so I chose the one farthest to the south since my campground destination is north of where I am right now.  It wasn’t the highway option so it would have photo ops is what I told myself.  And it did…

But as the road wound left and right and up and down I began to wonder if I’d made a mistake.  It was looking like the proverbial middle of nowhere and I kept losing the Serius radio signal, making me wonder what I’d do if I lost the GPS signal.  Or ran out of gas, or didn’t find a bathroom soon.  And that’s when the GPS told me to take a right on Jimmy Lane.  I so wish I’d taken a picture of the turn off because it was a dirt road, no, a dirt trail, which I didn’t think was wide enough for the van.  No, I didn’t take it.  But the GPS kept insisting on equally trail-like turn offs of the road I was on, which, by the way, the GPS was calling ‘unnamed road’.  And then, like a mirage, came this…05-2i-19bridgetrip4Just in the nick of time a gal who was doing some landscaping along the wall told me how to get myself to my destination.  I had said that the GPS had led me astray and she explained that we were on the edge of a 22,000 acre wilderness area, and the trails that the GPS was telling me to take were left-over from the 1800s but for some reason GPS recognized.  They led nowhere she said.  I suspect I’m not the first person to have wandered through the area. I hope I’m not the only one who didn’t take the ‘road less traveled’.  But after that I passed through Newport, NH with a charming town square.

And my arrival at my destination was something of a let down.  It was just there, no fan-fare, a river crossing that led from NH to VT, or vice-versa.  I drove across several times and then decided to head for home, but on the highway this time. A lesson learned…

4 thoughts on “Take a lesson…”

  1. I was in Newport, NH last weekend! I wish you could have gone inside the Opera house. It was beautiful. I also saw a charming covered bridge in Sunapee Harbor and the old Mt Kearsarge boat which is a summer restaurant . The whole time I was there I kept thinking how you would love it for it’s photo ops.

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