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Concord, NH

The golden dome on the New Hampshire state house is visible as you pass Concord from the highway, looking like the perfect photo op.  I’d never stopped in Concord before, but last night Kathy had a favorite shop she wanted to visit so off we went.  But, sadly, I’ve decided that sunset isn’t the best time to be in Concord and wanting to see that dome in all it’s glory.  Nope, the sunset was behind the State House.  Sunrise would be perfect since the dome would be lit from the front and, I’m making an assumption here, there wouldn’t be parked cars to try to avoid in your shots.  But despite the challenges we still had fun roaming to see what we could find to photograph.  First the State House building…05-23-19concord805-23-19concord405-23-19concord2Then the library with the beautiful sky behind it…05-23-19concordAnd the iPhone only referred to this as the civic district, with it’s memorial garden…05-23-19concord7This Catholic Church has been converted to condos.  We saw the spires and had to walk to seek out what they belonged to.05-23-19concord10I really didn’t have to go to Concord to find lilacs in their full glory, but these were wonderful and I buried my face in them for a minute, or two…05-23-19concord9And Kathy found a friend…05-23-19concord6