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Chasing the sunshine…

Glimpses of blue sky got me out for photos yesterday.  And when the sun stuck around  it was really pretty.  Not a bad day really.  I love this scenery, not to mention this relaxed (for me) visit with my oldest, dearest friend.  For her there are two high school graduations, the final push to get all the last minute things done at work/school, and a looming retirement, all happening in the next couple of weeks.  The anticipation of losing the routine of work has her talking to herself.  I hope she likes it as much as I do…05-25bluecanoe05-25church05-25grange05-25highland205-25highland505-25highland3Do you see the little airplane weather vane in the center right of this picture.  I’ve tried to take a picture of it before because it made me smile.  This time the wind direction cooperated, and the nice zoom on the new lens did the trick.05-25airplane

2 thoughts on “Chasing the sunshine…”

    1. Hi Ellen, I will tell her! And I’ve been leaving you messages since I’ve been here so it’s good to hear from you. It’s my last week coming up and Tues/weds are my last free days. Hope to see you.


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