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…the stars align and you are able to have an absolutely perfect day.  A lazy day to sit on the porch and perfect your cribbage skills, and listen to the cardinals calling to each other.  And enjoy the view of the flowers in the sunshine, and the buzz of the bumble bees.  And perhaps you might get out the tripod you’ve been lugging around for a month, and put your biggest lens on the camera in an attempt to get a photo of a hummingbird, and they show up.  First the chipmunks helpfully pose so you can get your camera ready, and then right on cue those little hummingbirds appear.  It didn’t take an hour for them to find the feeder after it went out for the first time this year.  Could we have done without the mosquitos and black flies?  Well, yes.  But that’s a small price to pay for such a nice day…05-26-19chippie05-26-19hummer105-26-19hummer305-26-19chipmunkfeature05-26-19sparrow05-26-19hummer4

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