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A walk in the park…

Something about our inability to take a nice picture of the state house in Concord the other day had us back there yesterday.  Early, not sunrise early, but early enough that the golden dome was in the sunlight rather than shadow.  And on a holiday when there wouldn’t be parked cars and lots of people annoying you by just going about their business.  Of course festivities were planned for the day so we moved on to a couple of local parks to walk and see what we could see.  I think it all was just an excuse to go out for a huge breakfast at the Newel Post.  It was great, but it put me in a stupor for the rest of the day.  Note to self; more walking, less eating…05-27-19Statehouse05-27-19bicentennial05-27-19red-wing205-27-19whiteflowers05-27-19starflower05-27-19spider05-27-19whitepark

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