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Day 1 from The Pastures…

Getting the camper set up was not the cinchy part of this adventure. Contrary to what I had imagined. My cousin says that it’s because everything is new. The canvas will relax, she says. I hope she is right. And to level this thing on the lot there are wood blocks under the leveling jacks, plus this thing is the ‘extreme sports model’ so it has extra big tires too. All of this means that in order to put the awning out a ladder will have to be involved. And at least one tall cousin. My do-it-myself motto is out the window already.

But the birds were chirping this morning, and I love breathing cold air while I sleep, under nice warm covers of course. And sleep I did. There was a group out there watching the Bruins game last night and I thought I’d listen, but I have no clue what the score was. The coffee tastes pretty good this morning, my first morning as a camper….sun set from my doorway last night…

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