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View from Rt. 10…

With blue skies and puffy white clouds the day was calling me to get out there and take some pictures.  So I set out for Ocean State to pick up a few more, yes more, things I decided I needed for this adventure.  And, if I remembered correctly, when I went there with my cousin the other day I was literally drooling over all the scenery along the way.  You seem to be on top of the world, looking out and down at other mountain tops, or maybe hilltops.  And this is why it’s a must to either be on your own doing this, or with another photographer, because I lost count of how many stops I made. Well, you’ll see.

I hadn’t even made it out of town when I stopped for a couple of shots this church.6_03_19Rt10church2

I hadn’t gotten to my destination when I spotted a sign that said covered bridge, so I had to turn around and check it out.  I had all day after all.  Traffic isn’t allowed over this covered bridge anymore.  I think the GPS gets annoyed with me when I spot something that causes me to turn the car around and go the ‘wrong’ way…


I’m getting a little fuzzy over exactly where I was or what order I took these pictures in, but it honestly doesn’t matter.  Every twist and turn of the road brings something you find as breathtaking as the last five stops you made.  No wonder they run together.6_03_19Rt10scenery6_03_19Rt10farm6_03_19Rt10bridge56_03_19Rt10choochoo6_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene36_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene4_16_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene

I couldn’t stop for the scene above so I took a left and pulled over and realized that I was back to another stop I’d made with my cousins.  He used to teach right in that area and the church I was looking at was too pretty not to take it’s picture.  And I was hearing church bells as I did.6_03_19Rt10Mike's school6_03_19Rt10Mike's schoolscene2

Tell me something, could you have resisted these cows?  Obviously I couldn’t.6_03_19Rt10cowsiesta16_03_19Rt10cowsiesta2

And a 1906 round red barn right across the street from a 1996 round red barn?6_03_19Rt10oldroundbarn6_03_19Rt10newroundbarnI can’t wait to get out again but it won’t be tonight.  There is a storm brewing out there.  It’s really cold when the wind whips, and then there are a few drops of rain.  I think I’m glad we haven’t gotten the awning out on the pop up yet.  But I did discover that it has little strip lights underneath it.  Soon…