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Go take a hike…

“Want to go hike to the waterfall?” my cousin asked me.  This was just as I was about to sit down in my new zero gravity recliner for the first time, and read my book a while.  ‘We’ had gotten my last couple of issues with the camper taken care of, I use the term ‘we’ loosely of course, and I decided that I was going to rest up.  But that was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  There are two ways to hike there, the steep hike and the easy hike, so we did the easy one and I’m glad we did because I was feeling it,  and because we had to do it a second time because my glasses were missing once we got back to the car.  I have to say the hike was easier the second time.  When I’m hiking with the camera I think I don’t balance myself as naturally because I’m trying to protect the camera.  Maybe I’ll keep it in the backpack even if it is a PITA to get it out and put it away when you want to take a picture.  I want my self as well as my camera to survive to hike another day…6_06_19waterfall16_06_19waterfall26_06_19waterfall3

I’m told that my cousin and his nephew have been swimming in that pool at the bottom of the biggest waterfall.  More power to ’em.  That’s an offer I’ll pass on…

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