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VT Rt 103 S…

The beauty of my solo travels is that I can leave when I want to and stop for photos if I choose to.  I don’t think that Charley would have had the patience for it, unless it was a coin shop along the way and I suggested that we stop.  My destination this morning was Chester, NY, but it was Chester, VT that stole the show on this beautiful day.  No, the GPS didn’t steer me wrong, it was a coincidence, a happy coincidence.

The grist mill was the first thing to catch my eye as I drove.  And a nice, generous shoulder gave me plenty of room to stop.  I didn’t realize that it was part of the Vermont Country Store which was just up ahead.  My friend and I had just talked about taking a drive there, and there I was by total accident.  My visit was too short, but I can’t accumulate stuff to bring with me even though I was mighty tempted.


Darn, a kissing bridge and not a candidate in sight…


I wonder if my friend has ventured a little further south on that road?  I doubt it or I think she would have mentioned Chester, VT as a place to visit also.  With it’s beautiful Victorian houses, charming restaurants and shops, museum, and gazebo on the square,  this will be worth another look.  And for this visit I’d love the company.6_07_19VTinfobooth6_07_19VTeateries6_07_19VTgazebo6_07_19VTcemetery6_07_19VTwhiteflower6_07_19chesterfrontporch

A charming gentleman told me about the 7 apartments in this building.  He said that his is the best one, LOL.  It cost $30,000 to repair the roof structure underneath the slate tiles, and no one can go out onto the upstairs porch because the railing is too low.  Regulations these days.  I wonder how many people fell off that porch since that house was built?


But this is the shop that gave me a chuckle.  Six Loose Ladies, a knitting shop.  And just as I drove out of town I saw Lover’s Lane Road, and I had to wonder if that’s where the Six Loose Ladies live…