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One good thing…

I thought that this would be the day that I would make a blog post without a single picture.  You see I discovered a potential tick bite, yes again, on Sunday morning.  I could feel the skin wasn’t right, but for the life of me I couldn’t see what was wrong because it was located in an unmentionable spot.  So I resorted to taking a picture, a picture that I’d have bet you a million dollars that I’d never take.  And yes, a bite of some kind, but maybe it would heal on it’s own.  Besides, Sunday was a busy day that started by waking up in NY and finished in front of a campfire in MA.  And the next morning it was back to NH by way of VT, several times back and forth it seemed.  But this morning I decided to go get it checked out, if for no other reason than to be able to delete that picture from my phone before I mistakenly posted it online.  And, darn it all, turns out I have the full blown bulls-eye of Lyme disease.  Let’s see, it took me a little over a week of camping to get Lyme disease?  That must be a record.

So I got checked and I got my prescription, and asked Siri to take me home by the back roads, in search of a photo op.  So she sent me home on Lyme Road.  Sigh, of course she did.

But the good news is that I saw that Dartmouth College was in the area, and I didn’t even have to make a turn in search of the campus to stop for photos.  Lyme Road took me straight through the campus, so I did get a few photos today, and none of them are embarrassing!  A very good thing.6_11_19Dartmouth6_11_19Dartmouth26_11_19Dartmouth36_11_19Dartmouth46_11_19Dartmouth76_11_19Dartmouth86_11_19Dartmouth1006.11.19dartmouth606.11.19dartmouth906.11.19dartmouth1206.11.19dartmouth13

I have to say that Charley would have had a field day with this whole Lyme disease thing.  Oh, he’d be sympathetic alright, but he would have had a grand old time speculating on what I was up to that led to a tick bite on the butt.  And that’s the really not so great part, because I did nothing out of the ordinary.  So I have no clue what to do, or not to do, so it doesn’t happen again.  Excuse me while I go take my pill…

IMG_9392 2.jpeg

5 thoughts on “One good thing…”

    1. Thank you Rita. I feel fine, only noticed what felt like a patch of dry skin. I’ll have to buy some more jeans/leggings things that I can tuck into my socks. But honestly I haven’t been in the woods much, and it’s supposed to take a bit to develop so I have no idea how I managed to get this…


  1. Every one says to spray your clothes with a bugrepellant that has Deet. Pull socks up over your pant legs too….since ticks usually climb upward as opposed to down. I feel guilty that I have lived her nearly 38 years and have had no tick issues. Lots of dog ticks and a few on us….but never a problem. A lint roller can be handy too!

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