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Pups in the air…

Pups in the air is a group that puts on shows with their amazing frisbee-catching dogs. They were entertaining the crowd at the Quechee balloon festival, along with musical performers, helping to fill the 12 hour gap between balloon launches.  First up was this 11 year old border collie.  It’s amazing how focused these dogs were on their handlers.  I’m not sure they even knew the crowd was there.  All they wanted was to catch that frisbee.pupsintheair4Pupsintheair5

Must you be a black and white border collie to belong to this group?  Nope.  There was this little Jack Russel terrier too.  She was a mighty fast dog.jackrussel

This youthful black and white border collie was only one year old, but his enthusiasm and energy showed.pupsintheair6dogcatch1.jpg06_15_19dogcatch

I’ve had dogs all my life, but only one of them would focus in on you and try with all his might to figure out what it was that you wanted him to do.  That was Tag, a mutt of indeterminate breeding but a herding dog in there somewhere.  I was quite young and enjoyed teaching him to do tricks, hitch him to wagons, fun stuff for me and I think he liked it too.  The neighbors hired me to train their dog to do tricks also, but that dog was supremely uninterested in learning anything, at least from me.  Tag used to jump through the hula hoop for me but after a little of that I thought it would be more exciting if I could figure out how to make it a flaming hoop for him to jump through.  The problem was that I could never figure out how I would hold the flaming hoop for him to jump through.  I’m thinking that that was a good thing for both of us…

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