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Campello kids…

The connections I’ve been making, both with family and also with friends, have mostly been with the kids from the south side of my hometown.  ‘Campello kids’.  Kids I may have gone all through school with, but in my mind when I have thought of them I remember them best as the Jr. high school kids we once were.  I connected with another one of them yesterday.  I was already close to her VT home, at least as the crow flies.  GPS showed three routes to her house from the NH campground.  One route seemed ridiculously out of the way but would keep you on highways the whole time.  I ruled that one out right away.  The other two were on a diagonal, point A to point B pretty much in a direct line.  I ignored the ominous warning box at the top of the screen.  It announced that the directions might possibly include unpaved roads!  Which one?, thought I.  That it might be both of those routes didn’t occur to me.  So yes, despite my trepidations I did turn onto Bobbin Shop Road, and it wound this way and that, and up and down.  And it eventually turned into an unpaved road.  But it got me there, and the scenery was worth it.  And the visit?  It was perfect!  Not rushed, a quiet afternoon talking and letting our minds wander together.  Was it enough time?  No, but there were a lot of years gone by to talk about…

I started out early, with fog hanging in the air and no sun out.  But as I drove the sun came out and the day became so pretty that I hoped I’d stop again as I retraced my route home, but I didn’t.  And I did manage to stay on paved roads this time…offtoJoan's4boatsOfftoJoan's2boatsofftoJoan's2_1greenboatOfftoJoan's1offtoJoan's5offtoJoan's6

1 thought on “Campello kids…”

  1. Glad you’re meeting up with old friends. Sad to say I never got to see my bff in way to many years gone by before she just passed away. Keep doing what your doing. You’re certainly enjoying life. Do you have a bucket list? Enjoy today.

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