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Camping in the rain…k

It’s days like today I feel like a genius.  I’m snug in my camper, listening to the rain.  No, not the adorable little blue camper above, but it’s also not the trailer that I originally bought.  I loved it for the layout, but was too much for my Chrysler Pacifica to tow.  In theory it was an okay combination, but other campers chimed in with their opinions, and they were overwhelmingly convinced that the combination wasn’t safe.  The suggestion by the dealership was to switch to a 14 foot trailer, but it eliminated the one thing that convinced me to buy a camper in the first place, and that was the couch.  Someplace comfortable to sit, or to lay back and read, someplace other than the dinette, or on a bed, to spend a rainy day.  When I finally showed up in NH, at the dealership I’d bought from, on display in their showroom were pop-ups, and one of them had the couch I was looking for!  Pretty much the same one that I liked from the first trailer.  That it didn’t have a bathroom wasn’t too much of a worry to me because I hadn’t planned on using the one in the trailer anyhow. Or camping outside of a nice campground with facilites.  I neglected to think about walking to the bathroom in the rain, which I will have to do soon.  And then there is the bear that visits now and then to tip over the dumpster, and whom I would prefer not to run into on a late night trip to the bathroom.  So maybe I’m only a semi-genius.  

But so far I love living in the camper.  I know that for most people camping is about living outdoors mostly.  But I haven’t done this all my life and I’m set in my ways.  I’m on a quest to reconnect with people and places I left behind years ago.  But I also need my cocoon, my privacy, at least some of the time.  This may not be the ultimate on-my-own camping experience since I have family here as residents as well as visitors, but they are a big part of the past that I’m looking to reconnect with, so it’s been great.  I think I’m back to genius status!  

Here are some random pictures I’m finding on the SD cards or in the phone, amusing myself on a rainy day…


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