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Faking it…

This being a camper thing, I am faking it a bit.  I’m in my last week here in the campgrounds and I do know how to use the features, most of them anyhow, of the camper itself.  But do I feel confident?  Not at all.  I am lucky enough to be able to bring it to Cape Cod next, to my sister’s house, and I tell myself that I’ll practice putting it up and down while I’m there.  Make sure that I can do it on my own.  Having my cousin’s here for help and advice, and just plain fun, has been great.  But that also means I haven’t been on my own.  Plus computer quirks have me processing photos in a convoluted way that would probably have my photo group comrades shaking their heads.  Which brings me to this morning, and a 4 AM trip to the bathroom, which let me see that the sunrise was coming soon.  So off I went to the bridge to take pictures, and then came home to drink my coffee and see what I got.  But Photoshop didn’t give me the option to merge photos into HDR like Lightroom does.  Not that I could find with only one sip of coffee in me.  There I was with three images open, I think, and I made one click and it came up with this.sunrise3Wouldn’t I have loved it if it really looked like that?  But it didn’t.  It was pretty, but not that dramatic.  I need to figure out how to open in Lightroom, and I need to make a list of all the things I have to do to be ready to pull out of here on Sunday.  And I need more coffee, but maybe not in that order…

2 thoughts on “Faking it…”

    1. So half a pot of coffee later I figured out how to get the photos to open in Lightroom, but also keep them on the external hard drive because my laptop is sorely lacking in storage space. Tune in tomorrow, LOL.


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