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Sunrise on the bridge…

Honestly!  You would never believe how happy I was to be able to process these photos in Lightroom yesterday.  After all, I really liked them.  And I had happened to see a nice reflection early the morning that we went to the Quechee Balloon Festival, but we couldn’t stop for pictures that day.  Since then I hadn’t seen a promising sunrise at all.  But today there was a nice sunrise, and rousted myself out at 4:45 AM to take pictures.  And I finally got them into Lightroom and edited and saved to use later.  Then I had to beat my head against the wall to find them again when I wanted to write a post.  And of course it turned out to be operator error, the external hard drive had been disconnected.  Plugged it back in and there they were.  I know this isn’t interesting but I’m writing it down in case it helps me remember what to look for in case there is a next time.  And of course there will be a next time.  There always is a next time…


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