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Sticking with it…

Well, I did it, got myself packed up and out of the campground and back to my girlfriend’s house.  My cousin said that I was over-thinking the process as I spent the entire day Saturday worrying about fitting the chairs, table, outdoor rug, and cooler into the van since it was pretty much full before I bought all that stuff.  Plus the physical act of taking down the pop up, which turned out to be easy. Well, not hard exactly.  I almost did it by myself, almost.  Next time I will.  But I arrived here exhausted.  I have that pleasant tired muscle thing going, where you know you worked hard physically.  And mentally too, just tired of thinking. This putting your money where your mouth is thing isn’t for sissies.  But camping was fun, and there are so many places that I want to go in Florida when I get back also.  It’s a start.

The photo is of a tiny teardrop camper that pulled into the campground just recently.  The campers were sitting outside with their campfire and looking like the proverbial happy campers.  And I couldn’t help but think how nice it would be to just pull up and be done with it.  No set up or take down.  And then it rained, and rained some more, and maybe I’ll stick with my little pop up, and my couch…


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