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The boondocks…

You’ve heard of the boondocks haven’t you?  The middle of no where?  I know another name for it but I’m too polite to say it.  Of course I already knew that my friend Kathy lived in a tiny little town here in New Hampshire, but I didn’t know that that’s where the black flies live.  And ticks, can’t forget them.  After these last several visits I’m sure I’ve never been here in black fly season before.  Which, by the way, she assured me arrived at Mother’s Day and was over by Father’s Day.  But evidently no one informed said black flies.  I know this because I went out back to see if I could take pictures of the hummingbirds who were doing acrobatics out her back door.  I couldn’t resist.  So I walked out to the flower beds and took a picture of the gazing ball, and then settled myself into a pretty blue Aiderondack chair to be still and let the hummingbirds return for pictures.  I sat and waited for only a few minutes before I realized that my ankles were covered in black flies.  Covered!  I came in and sprayed myself with my bug spray which contains DEET, and was able to survive for the few minutes it took for a couple of pictures.July1hummer1July1hummer2July1hummer3

When it comes to black flies Kathy must be a lot tougher than I am.  Or maybe they just love me.  Kathy says I’m fresh Florida meat.  But when it comes to the summer heat I’ve got Kathy beat by a mile.  She has been complaining about the heat today, and I’m wondering what heat?  I thought it was a perfect day.  We talked, and shopped, and talked, and shopped, and came home, and talked some more.  One of the things we shopped for was an adapter so that I could plug my camper into her barn and open it up so that it can dry since I had to close it in the rain.  We found one, plus a heavy duty extension cord, and as long as it doesn’t rain again I’ll be able to close it up and hit the road tomorrow.  I’m going to brave the 4th of July traffic issues, as well as driving over the Sagamore bridge with the pop up in tow (gasp), and visit beautiful Cape Cod for a while.  And no, I’m not planning on bringing any of the black flies with me…

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