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Plymouth Harbor…

Whenever I think of Plymouth, MA I remember the view from a favorite waterfront restaurant of my mother’s.  There were rock jetties, and boats bobbing in the water, and families walking along the shoreline.  A totally picturesque scene, very photogenic, so I have wanted to head to Plymouth harbor every time I’ve been ‘up north’, and I finally made it.  Sunday’s excursion was prompted by the realization that if I had any hope of getting off the Cape on the Sunday after the 4th of July I had better get up and go early.  And with all the online chatter among the locals about traffic and how you’d better save your errands for the next day, it seemed like a good idea.  Did I know that it would be low tide early in the morning?  No, but these are details I never check out ahead of time. It’s fly by the seat of your pants for me.   So there was no bobbing of boats.  And there was a chilly breeze after extremely hot temperatures the day before.  When I saw a parking spot near the marinaI decided it was my lucky day, low tide or not, it was a nice trip.  And when I returned to the Cape I saw the endless line of traffic heading off the Cape while I sailed along in no traffic at all.  I pretty much got what I wished for.PlymouthPlymouth1Plymouth2Plymouth3Plymouth4Plymouth5

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