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World’s End…

No, not a prediction, it’s a place.  A park actually.  It wasn’t what I expected as I looked at the map on the computer.  I was in Panera, located in a shopping plaza (Derby Street, Hingham, MA) with lots of shops that I’d have loved to visit, but I wondered if there were photo ops nearby.  World’s End Park showed up as an option.  I expected to park on a lot and take a few waterfront shots and be on my way.  But, as is often the case, I was wrong.into hewoodsI paid my $6 fee and the very nice Ranger told me that the entire figure-eight trail was about 3 miles long.  Be sure to take the right hand fork to see a nice ocean view, she said.  And then come back on the opposite trail to the highest point in the park with a view of the Boston skyline.  So I was going to have to work for it.  Plus I had planned another stop that afternoon so I limited my walk to the first loop in the figure eight.  I have to wonder what I missed in the other half of the park.  It would be worth another trip to find out. World'sendcoveWorld'sendcove2World'sendcove3oceansideYour views were mostly through the trees that lined the waterfront on the park side of the water.  So here are your ‘ocean views’, look way out beyond the road.oceanview2oceanviewAnd the Boston skyline.  I love Boston, maybe I ought to investigate taking the “T” in for a day of photo ops…Bostonskyline

I should mention that my computer issue was as simple as ‘dusting’ out the magnetic connection between the charging cord and the laptop.  It’s all fixed.  And another friend took the hint and dusted hers out and solved her own computer issue.  Always happy to help…

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  1. My favorite view of Boston was traveling Commercial Street in Weymouth towards North Weymouth. Just after the intersection with Middle Street after Legion Field, the road rises and in front of you is the Boston skyline. That view never got old and one of the few perks during a work day. On the right is King Oak Hill Park, a place I never got to and wish I had.

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