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Boston Public Gardens…

The swan boats and the ducklings were my biggest priority in heading to Boston in the first place.  Okay, maybe not in place of the historic significance of Boston itself, but c’mon, who could resist those ducklings?  One very nice mom rousted more than a few kids off of the ducklings to allow me to snap a picture or two.  I thank her.

When I realized that there were actual swans in the water with the swan boats I couldn’t get there fast enough.  Or take enough pictures.  One of the two swans was swimming in circles, but the other one seemed to be very much interested in the swan boats themselves.  I couldn’t tell if he was looking for handouts from the passengers, or trying to chase the boats away.  I hadn’t realized that the boats are pedal-powered.

Adding to the charm was a group of ladies painting on the shore, and children playing in a fountain.  Not that it needed extra charm.Beantown2swanboats7Beantown2swanboats1Beantown2swanboats2Beantown2swanboats3Beantown2swanboats4Beantown2swanboats8Beantown2swanboats6Beantown2paintersBeantown2redflowers