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Buzzards Bay…

Why wouldn’t someone want to go to a place called Buzzards Bay?  I knew that I wanted to head there eventually, so as I left the scenic stopping point along the Cape Cod Canal I headed a little further down the road and found Buzzards Bay Park.  I didn’t expect to find the boat that I had been taking pictures of near the Sagamore Bridge to be approaching me again, but past the Bourne Bridge heading for the railroad bridge.  Either I drove really fast or he wasn’t going quite as fast as I thought he was.BBbournebridgeBBsameboatBBsameboat2BBrrbridgeI was down the canal and on the other side last winter when I was attempting to take a sunset picture with the railroad bridge standing behind the Bourne Bridge.  Now I had found the railroad bridge itself.  Not only that, I was hearing a train whistle and I got excited to think that the bridge would come down and we’d see a train come over it.  I had missed it by just a little a few weeks ago when I was sitting outside having dinner with a friend not far from that location, and here came a train right behind the restaurant.  Hardly worth taking a picture, but I tried.dinnertrainI had several nice conversations with other observers over the idea of whether a train was heading our way or not.  Turns out it wasn’t.  One gentleman was from the Pacific Northwest and he said he’d been on the east coast for a year and he loved it.  Wasn’t sure he wanted to leave.  Another man was able to identify the mystery critter that ran across the path, from the rocks at the edge of the water and into the brush.  It was a mink, he said.  I’ll take his word for it.  No picture, sorry.  And lastly there was a woman who was from the area and had experience with riding the trains that used to travel in the area in the summer.  But, as usual, the conversation took this twist and that twist and we wound up talking about quilting, and living alone, and making do with tiny houses.  Every now and then I would look up and see a sailboat, or a tug boat, or I’d think about the scenery beyond the railroad bridge, and take a few pictures.  Eventually it was time for her to get back to her bike ride, and I headed back to the pop up, quite pleased with the day’s events.  Nice talking with you Charlene…BBsailboatBuzzard'sBayfeatureBBrrsailboatBBrrtugBBrrtug2

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  1. I love your photos posted today. I have lived on Cape Cod for 58 years, travelled the canal hundreds of times and sad to say I have never seen the RR bridge go up or down.

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