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New Hampshire again…

Obviously I had a million pictures from my last stop on Cape Cod, and getting through them has been my main objective, photography-wise, since I got back to New Hampshire.  We did head out looking for the sunset the other night however, and I hadn’t looked at the pictures in the camera until today.  It was a surprise to see that they had turned out as nicely as they did.  Driving back up the highway I was towing the camper again and not thinking about the scenery, but when I glanced to my right and found myself looking out at the mountains it made me take a deep breath and relax.  It’s good to be here again….AugNHsunset1AugNHsunset2

This is the swimming hole near my friend’s house where her kids, and now her grandkids love to swim.  Her daughter and a friend were kayaking here recently and had a deer swim right past them.  It’s the Blackwater river, and the sound of the river is the background music that you hear when you sit on the porch with your coffee early in the morning.  As we sat on the porch yesterday her dog barked, and was intent on the scenery across the street.  His barking sent a gorgeous red fox, with a magnificent plume of a tail, off to hunt in quieter pastures.  Yes, it’s good to be here…

2 thoughts on “New Hampshire again…”

  1. Those are the reasons we live here!! My new pal Val came within 20 feet of a deer on a walk recently right in our driveway. It was so cool and 12 lb Val wasn’t sure what to think!!

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