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Lakeside views…

Arriving at Lake Winnipesaukee we found ourselves enjoying the view from a waterfront park.  That the park also had sculptures was a nice added attraction.  But we were a little mystified by the signage announcing that the park was safe for kids and animals, based on the lack of pesticide use.  What they neglected to warn us about was the Canada geese and their droppings, which were tough to avoid.  Not complaining though, it was just funny funny to read how safe it was and find yourself tiptoeing through the, well, not the tulips…Meredithscene6Meredithscene10Meredithscene7Meredithscene3Meredithscene5Meredithscene4Meredithscene2MeredithsceneMeredithscene9Meredith12Meredith13MeredithadirondacksMeredithgateMeredithgeese

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