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Blair Bridge…

He isn’t a big man, but he has the biggest laugh that seems to come from deep in his chest.  You are most likely to hear it when he tells a story from his years of hiking and backpacking in the White Mountains.  Blair Bridge is one of those places that features in at least one of his stories, and I got to go there yesterday.

No, there is no curve to the bridge.  That’s what happens when you try to take a panoramic shot from a lousy perspective.  Access to the bridge is tricky, and there are heavy power lines in exactly the wrong place for a good shot upriver. I liked the iPhone picture from inside the restaurant best.  It’s called the Blair Bridge Farm to Table, and it also figures the backpacking tales.  I heard some stories, and that nice laugh, a lot yesterday. BlairbridgefromrestaurantBlairbridgeviewfromunderBlairbridgefrontview

I should have hiked along the river for some better pictures, but we needed to move on.  There was so much more to see on this short trip, and it may be a while before he sees his mountains again…

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