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Four thousand feet up…

Among the camping stories I’ve heard is one that’s easier to imagine after riding the tram up to the top of Canon mountain the other day.  In the story my friend was called to school for a conference, seemed the teacher thought his son was telling tall tales.  In the story they were hiking and it was so cold and windy as they attempted to cross the peak that the adults linked arms with each other, forming a circle with the littlest kid in the middle, and then had to take one united step at a time to reach the shelter of the tree line on the other side.  I imagine the teacher was quite surprised to hear that that was a true story, and my friend never got called to school again.

I thought how nice it would be for him to look out at the view from the top, the view he’d hiked to see so many times in his life.  A view I had only seen once before, and hadn’t climbed a mountain to see it either.  But it was so cold and windy that I was only outside long enough for a couple of pictures and we rode the tram back down again.  Back down to the perfectly sunny and warm day that had inspired the trip in the first place.  I guess it was just the facts of life, mountain style.CanonmtpanoCanontram