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Final mountain views…

My hiker friend made sure to see the train he called the Yankee Clipper before we headed back from our White Mountain expedition.  And just when we thought we had seen all that we could manage in a short time we stopped for a last meal, and found more nice views.  I said that there was no shortage of beautiful scenery in NH and I haven’t found a reason to change my mind.  Growing up I didn’t come to New Hampshire much. Ot at all.  I’m glad I’ve gotten to spend as much time here as I have on this trip.  I could not be happier to have spent time with the friends I made in my early childhood.  I was a good judge of character back then it seems, they are still my most cherished friends.  Soon it will be time get back in the camper and find more nice places to visit.  And visit with more old friends, and even find a few new friends.  One new friend said I was spunky to have headed out on this adventure by myself, and at my age.  Now I feel guilty for having stopped to enjoy the comforts of my friend’s house, and gotten so comfy that I have failed to move on.  It’s about time to get back on the road, but not quite yet.



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