Winding down…

My stay here is winding down, but the hummingbirds here at my friend’s house were really wound up this morning.  No one was at the feeder because they seemed to be dive bombing each other rather than feeding.  I had always thought there was just one pair of them out there, but there were a lot more of them out there today.  I upped my ISO to try to catch them in flight, and that worked pretty well.  The tripod would have worked better.


I forgot that I’d upped the ISO and the sun had come out by the time we got to the Fells, so my photos weren’t great.  Operator error, as usual.  And they were preparing for a wedding and reception that was about to take place, and we felt as if we were intruding.  Seeing the bridesmaids in their dresses reminded me of an afternoon spent with my granddaughter when she was five or so.  We were at a hotel in Baltimore, and the room overlooked a courtyard where members of a wedding party were socializing with guests.  My granddaughter was very interested in all that was going on, and loved seeing all the pretty dresses.  I pointed out the matching dresses and told her that they were the bridesmaids.  She looked for a while and then asked about the men in tuxes, “Which one is the Prince?”  Which one indeed…


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