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I told myself that I needed to do this, camping I mean, ‘while I am still able’.  I may have been a bit optimistic about how able I really am.  Yesterday kicked my butt.  All I left myself to do yesterday was hitch up the car and I’d be off.  Thought I had that down to a science.  Not quite.  I got it done but it took driving the car up onto boards to raise the hitch up to match the camper.  There was a hill involved.  Did it by myself, almost, though my friend flipped the lever to actually hitch it up.  Then a 3 1/2 hour drive, then set up.  But here I am, and I’ve been here before.  I lived near here one summer while my husband’s ship was being worked on at Bath, ME shipyards.  Do I remember being here?  Sorta.  My two memories are that I was filling the tub and my daughter, 15 months or so, tossed my favorite leather shoes in and basically ruined them.  And a failed photo op.  She was bending over trying to smell a flower, picture the position, the grassy lawn, the dandelion, the chubby cheeks.  I got A picture, but not the one I wanted.  Maybe I’ll get a second chance while I’m here, but with someone else’s adorable daughter…Shorehills1Shorehills2This morning’s challenges were to figure out what was up with the electricity so that I could make coffee and charge the computer.  Done, thank goodness!  It’s another day, gloomy, with a possible storm later so I’d better get moving…

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