Cloudy days…

There is this thing that happens sometimes on a cloudy day.  When the day can’t decide if it’s going to give in to the clouds, or is the sun coming back out?  If you are out taking pictures you realize that the sky isn’t going to be beautiful, blue with puffy white clouds. That’s disappointing.  But sometimes you realize that the flowers are practically glowing, the color looks amazing.  It’s the light.  It looks that way to the naked eye also, it doesn’t take post processing for your pictures to reflect that color.  I had my own personal tour guide at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens yesterday.  She knew the names of all the flowers and has grown many of them in her personal garden.  The place was mind boggling, so many paths to follow, a feast for the eyes.  And when we needed to duck inside to avoid a shower there was a feast of another sort at the cafe.  Wonderful quiche and a salad with a new friend.  Even sitting there later, listening to the rain beat down on the camper, was a good thing.  I could sit there and go through the pictures and for once not be thinking I ought to get back out and take more.  Of course I will today, I just don’t know where I’ll be going quite yet.CMBG1CMBG2CMBG3CMBG4CMBG5CMBG6CMBG7CMBGcatpickets

Of course there are many, many, more, still working on them…

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