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Boothbay Harbor…

After I arrived at this very nice campground, and got myself almost set up, I was starving and I couldn’t resist heading to Boothbay Harbor.  I had been here a couple of times before.  Once was supposed to be a day trip to Acadia National Park with my husband and kids.  We were a couple of hours into the trip from MA when I turned the  page in the atlas and discovered that we had MILES to go.  Oops.  So we stopped at Boothbay Harbor instead.  I guess this flying by the seat of my pants thing is nothing new.

This time it’s only a 10 minute drive from the campground, so I headed down and spotted a wharf where I could get a clam roll and sit on the wharf and take pictures.  I saw Bud Light/happy hour sign and asked the bartender if it was too late for happy hour.  He said it depended on whether I was happy or not.  I said I was.  Then he asked if I wanted a pitcher.  I told him I wasn’t that happy.  I ate my clams and drank my (one) beer, and exhaustion set in.  I thought I was going to wait to get some sunset pictures, but there was an hour to go and I just couldn’t manage it.  I always have been a cheap date.BBharborHDR1BBharborHDR2BBharborHDR3BBharborHDR4BBharborHDR5BBharborHDR6

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