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The rocky coast of Maine…

That rocky coastline was what I longed to see.  With lighthouses of course. I picked up a booklet here at the campground, and according to the map I see that there are 10 lighthouses in the immediate area.  Ah, but you must read the articles because not all of them are accessible by car.  I wouldn’t have been surprised to have found that I needed the tripod and 600mm lens to see the lighthouse I set my sights on today.  But Pemaquid turned out to be right there, easy to see.  And there weren’t so many people when I first got there, but the parking lot was filling up fast.  Seems I missed the ice cream shop right there though.  I must be slipping…PemaquidPemaquid2Pemaquid4Pemaquid5Pemaquid6Pemaquid7Pemaquid9PemaquidboatPemaquidwithumbrellaPemaquid8

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