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Along the way…

I chose the shortest, most coastal, route to Acadia National Park that the GPS showed me.  The most scenic, I thought.  But it’s taxing to have to keep track of the ever changing speed limits, and glimpses of pretty oceanfront scenery with no place to pull over for pictures is a tease.  Which explains why I stopped at the only scenic overlook that I saw on the way.  As I took a couple of pictures I realized that I was looking at the bridge that my native Maine friends had talked about over the winter.  The Penobscot Narrows bridge. Penobscot1Penobscot3 From their description I expected it to be a longer expanse, but I also remembered that they had talked about an observatory at the top of one of the towers.  I hoped I’d have the energy to take the same route back so that I could stop and check it out.  I knew that at the end of a long day, with a long drive back, I’d be tempted to take the highway, But I didn’t and I’m glad about that.Penobscot4Penobscot2Penobscot.jpgPenobscot5

The view from 420 feet up proved to be as lovely as my friends described, but getting pictures through the smudged plexiglass was a challenge.  I have a trip to the zoo with my photo group to thank for the fact that any of the pictures turned out at all.  The instructions we received there proved to be the key.  And the road to home was calling me, like any good old-fart would, I wanted to be back before dark, so I didn’t explore Ft. Knox.  (Not  that Ft. Knox, this is Maine after all.)  And the town looked quaint also, but it was getting late so I headed back out.  And I got back to the campground just in time for karaoke!  And met a new friend who leaped into action when I said I wanted a beer.  Her name is Sue, I figured I’d remember that.  Another nice day, to add to all the nice days so far…

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