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Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor may have been a bucket list place for me to see, but I’m sorry to say I didn’t take full advantage.  I haven’t shopped at any of the touristy places I have visited on this trip. I used to love to shop while traveling, until I eventually realized that I was seeing the same things everywhere.  My cherished internet friend Marilu, who I once wrote a blog post about, told me that her son once visited Japan and brought her home a tea set.  After he left she turned it over and it said, ‘made in China’.  She said she never mentioned it to him.  But the facades of the shops were enticing as I drove through in a quest for a parking space.  And I did find one down at the water front.  I put all my quarters in the parking meter and got an hour and 15 minutes to see the town.  I considered finding a room, but I was tired even then, so I walked the waterfront path on that glorious day, and then started the long drive home.  Home being my little camper where I sleep like a baby.  Maybe I’ll be back another day, and I’ll stay longer.Barharbor1Barharbor2Barharbor3Barharbor4Barharbor5

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