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Old Orchard Beach…

Turns out that another one of the only places in Maine that I was aware of ahead of time is also close by this campground.  I searched so long for a parking space at Old Orchard Beach that once I found one I wasn’t actually in Old Orchard Beach anymore.  Which was probably a good thing or the beach goers vacationing there would have been seeing this mucky surf.OrchardbeachfishingpoleOrchardbeachseagullOrchardbeachbutterflyOrchardbeachcottagegardenI took a couple of pictures and headed back to the car to see if I could find the amusement park that I thought was at Old Orchard Beach.  And I did.  And do you see that very nice looking life guard in the feature photo?  I asked him why the surf had been so mucky up the way a little.  He was my age, well, not my actual age.  He was the age I think I am, and very friendly.  He said, in his sexy Italian accent, that it’s a factor of the wind and the seaweed.  I wonder how they kept it off this stretch of beach?OrchardbeachfessiswheelOrchardbeachfessiswheel2OrchardbeachpierOrchardbeachwave1OrchardbeachwavesceneI also asked the lifeguard which lighthouse this is that I was seeing off in the distance.  Biddeford light was the answer, he said he thought that’s what it was.  I just enjoyed his accent.Orchardbeachlight?I found this beach town to be a little less slick that some of the tourist traps I’ve seen.  You can still walk up the street and find the same fries, and ice cream, and taffy shops you find in a lot of beach towns.  But it had an old fashioned feel to me, and that appealed to me a lot.  I took this picture for my friend who has her eyes open for a little house with a porch to make her own.  I found her a candidate, and I’d definitely love to come and stay a while in the summer…OrchardbeachKozyCorner

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