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Good morning…

Life is simple, right?  If you are on the East coast then obviously just go to the beach and enjoy the sunrise.  But it’s never that simple.  I walked out onto Pine Point Beach expecting a great view, but the sunrise was going to be so far off to my left that I realized that I should continue down the road to the Fisherman’s Co-op for the better view.  Which makes that spot my best, closest, spot for both the sunset and the sunrise.  But the hint of sunrise color that I found when I got there was about as colorful as it got.  And there weren’t many fishermen there either.  I figured there would at least be fishermen getting ready for their day.  Nope, it was just me and some gulls…coopsunrise1coopsunrise2coopsunrise3coopsunrise5coopsunrise6coopsunrise7coopsunrise8coopsunrise9IMG_7713_4_5_easyHDRcoopsunrisegull

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