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Looking for fall…

On my drive from the Portland area to central New Hampshire I looked for signs of fall in the scenery, and I did see hints of color, especially along the Maine coast.  A little color in the trees here and there, enough to make my heart go pitter-pat. I haven’t been here for fall in a lot of years, and after I wished for, but couldn’t manage, a fall adventure last year, it’s a must for this year.  So my attention has officially  turned from lighthouses to fall.  I really want to see a full-blown fall display before I head back to Florida.  To that end I went looking for more beginnings of fall yesterday, but with limited results.  Mother Nature has her own agenda and she will perform when she is ready.  And I have to remember that not every fall is as spectacular as other’s you’ve seen. But my fingers are crossed for this year, and then I’ll be ready to go home.


Wait, I haven’t seen a moose, I need to see one.  Well, yes I did see one, but it was at the Kittery Trading Post…kitterymoose


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