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Condo living…

What'sbelowI lived in a condo for 25 years.  Granted it was a townhouse condominium and not a high rise, so no upstairs/downstairs neighbors, but it was close quarters.  I lived in that one house longer than I lived in my hometown in Massachusetts, but if you ask me I’ll tell you that ‘home’ is Brockton, MA.  Even if being from Brockton conjures up a different image these days than it did when I left, ahem, 50 years ago.  This condo could use a facelift I think, but the neighbors seem friendly enough…condolifecondolife2

While I was paying attention to the ducks and egrets at Wild Duck Campground these little birdies were right there, but I never noticed them until I was driving out of the campground for the very  last time and had to jump out of the car for a few photos.  Just another example of photo ops all around you every day, no matter where you are…

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