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Weir Beach…

The only other time I’d been to Weir Beach was in the evening, and in the summer.  The shops were bustling, people were everywhere.  But not today.  I took note of the train tracks I’d just crossed, and the station up at street level.  Then I had walked down to the dock, thinking of photo ops.  A workman joined me on the docks, and when he saw my camera he told me to watch across the lake to the far side.  Any minute the Mt. Washington would be coming around the tip end of land, where the white boats were.  I had thought of the Mt. Washington Railway, and felt silly when I spotted the boat and realized I had been looking for a train.  I didn’t tell him that though…Weirbeach2Weirbeach3WeirbeachdockWeirflowersWeirbeach1MtwashingtonWeirbeachprivate

I’m not sure I ever realized how short the summer really is.  Seeing the shops closed and the beach empty was a little sad.  Even the parking spaces that lined the street were all empty.  A busload of tourists had chartered the Mt. Washington, and as they disembarked the street was full of people for just a few minutes.  But it emptied out again, and I headed for home…



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Hanging around in New Hampshire…

It was fall scenery that I was looking for, not pirates.  Or butterflies.  I said I needed to see fall and/or a moose before I go, so when I saw a large animal off in the distance I got excited.  But my friend said no, not a moose, darn it. 13thfoliagenotamoosetwomonarchs2twomonarchs

I also didn’t expect to see a neighbor walking his oxen down the road.  I hope I get a little more warning if I see him again. oxenwalk

And we were so sure that the hummingbirds were gone already that we nearly took the hummingbird feeder down.  I’m glad we didn’t.