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Photo ops…

The stop wasn’t supposed to be scenic.  The reason for the stop was to attend a memorial Mass for my cousin.  He died five years ago, as did my husband and my mother, within three weeks of each other.  So not a happy occasion.  But the church sat on a spit of land between two lakes, and seeing that on the map made me happy that I was planning to get there early to assure that I could get the car plus the trailer onto the parking lot.  That it would allow me to walk to the lakes and get pictures was an added bonus.

But there was a small problem in the form of little cottages packed closely together, so walking down to the water for pictures would have me trespassing.  But that’s when the nice zoom lens comes in handy.

And the journey continues…9-22angel9-22arch9-22bee9-22butterfly9-22churchfeature9-22dock9-22fishing9-22hydrangea9-22rafting

3 thoughts on “Photo ops…”

  1. Thank you for attending Paul’s mass. It is a difficult time for you as well and I send my sympathies to you. It was devastating to lose three relatives so close together so we share sadness and an abundance of great memories and just know that “I love you”!

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    1. I was glad to be there, and happy to meet your aunt and spend time with your father. You should have seen how surprised he was to see me just as Mass was about to start. He had snuck in a back door that I didn’t know about while I sat in a patch of shade out front where I could see what I thought were the only two doors to the church so that I could surprise him. And a chance to catch up over dinner. I’m glad I went.


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