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Sunrise in York

What’s remarkable about this sunrise isn’t it’s color.  But it may become more dramatic soon, and if it does I’ll take more pictures.  No, what’s amazing about this photo is that I’m sitting on the deck at my daughter’s house, in my pajamas, and I’m not freezing.  It’s actually quite nice out here.  If only the traffic noises weren’t drowning out the nature serenade that I can hear, but I have to listen for it.

My plan for yesterday worked out fairly well.  I had driven to Coventry, RI to stop for the night on Saturday.  That put me past any morning traffic in Providence, and it was supposed to be an easy Sunday drive after that.  And as I merged into minimal traffic on Rt. 95 I relaxed a bit and thought it would be clear sailing.  I try not to exceed 60 mph when I’m towing the camper, so I stick to the right lane and mind my own business.  Which is slightly harder to do when a delivery truck with a giant, pink, hippopotamus painted on it’s side passes you.  That made me smile.  The signage had something to do with party supplies, and I had to laugh as it pulled over into the lane ahead of me and I was now looking at a giant, pink, hippopotamus butt painted on the back doors of the truck.  And that’s when we drove into a wall of fog that dominated the drive for the next two hours.  I found myself grateful for that pink hippo butt that loomed ahead of me in the fog, grateful to have something leading the way.  It’s a shame I didn’t get a picture.  I also didn’t get a picture of the scene as we crossed a bridge and I noticed a bit of fall color reflected in the still water.  And later on I missed two separate opportunities for photos of Amish buggies sharing the road with the traffic.  But the opportunity to spend time enjoying a glass of wine (or three) with my daughter is the rarest of all opportunities, and I took full advantage of that opportunity.


Just a couple of images sitting on my desktop waiting for me to notice them.


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