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Sticking close to home…

Home.  On the nature coast of Florida.  Except I don’t think I actually live there any more.  I’m slightly over the line.  Don’t tell anybody though, because I think the nature coast sounds exotic.  Then again I’m in the vicinity of Bayonet Point, which has a certain ring to it also.  I scooted up the road just a bit, to Hudson Beach for the sunset.  I love the Florida sunrises and sunsets, especially when they are only a few miles up, or down, the road.  It’s nice to take off for parts unknown, but home is nice too.9-30Hudsonbeachriver9-30Hudsonbeachsign9-30Hudsonbeachsunset9-30Hudsonbeachsunset29-30Hudsonbeachsunsetcharter

See that bird at the top of the post in this picture.  You’ll be seeing more of him tomorrow.

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