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All British car show…

Sometimes I can out-smart myself.  Like when I decided to join up with my photo group and attend the All British car show even though it’s not a particular interest of mine, although I did drive an MG Midget back a very long time ago.  Imagine yourself young and away from home for the first time in your life.  A newly wed who found herself pregnant right away, and driving to work on two-lane roads with 60 MPH speed limits.  When a semi tractor trailer passed you going the other way you’d have to hang onto the steering wheel or be blown off the road.  These roads were in Indiana, and lining the roads were corn fields with corn stalks much too high to see over, like being in a tunnel.  Fortunately this particular stage of life didn’t last all that long before we were off to San Diego, and under the circumstances I didn’t come away with fond memories of that MG.

But I outsmarted myself on Saturday by deciding that as long as I was going in that direction anyhow I’d go in time for the sunrise also.  Which put me there too early for the show, but I did get to enjoy the set up as the cars arrived and were getting into place.  But four hours after I arrived I still hadn’t seen any other members of the club and I had seen enough British cars.  Even a Midget or two…10-26carshowtriumph310-26carshowtriumph210-26carshowtriumph10-26carshowrolls10-26carshowred10-26carshowmural10-26carshowhoodornament10-26carshowgreen10-26carshowblue10-26carshowaustin

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