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Old Car City…

Imagine for a second that you are living far into the future.  And you are an archeologist.  And you have unearthed this scene.  What conclusions would you draw from the scene before you?  What catastrophic event must have occurred to have caused the carnage implied by these images.  It must have been tragic…11-2oldcarcitytrail111-2oldcarcitytrail211-2oldcarcitytrail311-2oldcarcitywagon11-2oldcarcitytrail411-2oldcarcityairplane11-2oldcarcitycar11-2oldcarcitycar211-2oldcarcitysteeringwheel

I will have 8 hours in the car tomorrow to work on pictures.  In theory at least.  I’ll really have as long as it takes for my laptop battery to leave me.  There were six miles of trails lined with scenes like these.  I can see why I was told that you can’t see it all in one day.   What a fun place to visit.

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