When I found myself wandering among old cars in an automobile graveyard like Old Car City I found it to be way too much information to process all at once. There was no rhyme or reason to how the cars were displayed, and I had to wander among them to find the details of what I was seeing.  Since the big picture was a lot to take in I found myself interested in the details, like the hood ornaments of these old cars.

11-2oldcarcityfemaleornament11-2oldcarcitybulldogornament111-2oldcarcityFord10011-2oldcarcityplanehood11-2oldcarcitycaddyfemaleornament111-2oldcarcityhoodornament2Those old cars seemed to have more character than the cars we see now.  more personality.  The place was big enough to get lost in.  As I wandered I couldn’t see another person and began to wonder if I’d find my way back to the entrance by 4 PM when they were going to close.  I thought I’d walked the entire place, but it seems I missed a tree with 15 or so bicycles in it.  Or maybe I forgot to look up…11-2oldcarcityquickeddie11-2oldcarcityphotogrphersparadiseA photographer’s paradise indeed…

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