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Back to Pine Island…

Pine Island used to be my go-to place for the sunset.  I remember thinking that it never let me down.  Between birds, people, and the sunset I seldom struck out.  I even made a new friend one night, you know who you are Sandy.  So after a very overcast day on Wednesday I couldn’t resist heading back to Pine Island when the sky began to clear up.  And it all was going quite well…11-6pineisland411-6pineisland311-6pineisland211-6pineisland5

I found myself a nice spot to stand and watch, thought it was a great spot and planned to stay put.11-6pineisland9

Haven’t I always said how nice and helpful photographers seem to be?  Well, this guy announced that he was going to walk in front of me ‘for a second’.  And then he just stayed there.  How rude!  He must have starred in everyone’s photos from then on.11-6pineisland6

But even he couldn’t spoil the evening.  Not when Mother Nature was putting on such a nice show for us.  Pine Island came through again.11-6pineisland811-6pineisland711-6pineisland911-6pineisland1