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Getting the shot…

I went to an advanced photography class yesterday.  I’d seen that it was coming up but I will always feel like a beginner and thought the information would be over my head.  And a lot of it was, but it made me want to try harder.  Sometimes you have the luxury of planning a shot, deciding the angle and the settings in the camera before you take your picture.  Even trying several settings to help yourself learn what would work best.  But the instructor also qualified his information by saying that sometimes the opportunity arises and all you can do is just try to get the shot.  So with all that new information swirling around in my head I stopped at several parks on the way home.  I was surprised that the parks were so quiet on such a pretty day.  Quiet except for the birds.11-9anclotepier11-9sunsetbeach11-9sunsetbeachpelican11-9sunsetbeachosprey11-9ancloteegret

I was turning to head back to the car when I spotted two belted kingfishers zooming this way and that in the air, and then diving to try and catch their lunch.  I’d only ever seen one once before and in that same area, and I caught a quick picture while it rested for a second on a lamp post.  These two were never still, but they stayed in the area for a few minutes before zooming away.  There was no time to think of any of the instructions I’d heard that day, except that you just have to try to get the shot.  So I did.  It was a treat to see them again.11-9anclotekingfish11-9anclotekingfish211-9anclotekingfish311-9anclotekingfisher411-9fingfisher2