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At the vineyard…

When a friend mentioned a Christmas craft class which included wine tasting I didn’t even ask what we were making, I just declared that I was in.  It turned out to be a fun way to spend a gray, dreary day, and in a vineyard to boot.  There was even a grape stomping competition, we have no idea who won.

The surprise came when I was working on the pictures and out of the blue I remembered something from my childhood.  It was the bell that did it.  A phrase from an old TV show came to mind, something like ring your magic clanger Mr. Froggie”, but googling it brought up “Plunk your magic twanger Froggie”.  Now instead of working on pictures I’d taken I was watching You Tube videos of the Andy Devine Show.  Is your whole childhood running on a loop in your brain, just waiting for something to spark a memory?  I think it may be.


And the solar powered wine bottle light was a fun project to do.

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